We’re a team of Kiwis with a desire to support the South Sudanese people.

Jono & Destinee Macleod inspired the establishment of an independent charitable trust to ensure funds raised were kept separate and independently accountable from their personal finances.


Jono and Destinee are incredible Christian doctors who’ve moved to Tonj, South Sudan with their young daughters Zoe and Ellisha. They will act as our ‘partners on the ground’, to help the trustees see appropriate opportunities and make informed decisions about how to best support the South Sudanese people. Particularly our focus is to…

Relieve poverty among South Sudanese people by funding healthcare to low income women and children, attending to their physical, mental, spiritual and social health. Advance education to South Sudanese in a wide manner of ways, with particular focus on healthcare.

Please join with us to help a nation of people in desperate circumstance.